Legos & Lego Building Sets: This is a great toy for motor planning, building fine motor skills and problem solving.

Whack-A-Mole-Stack-A-Mole: A great game for working on following multi-step directions and social skills.

Art Set: Teaching kids how to express themselves in writing or drawing is so important, why not give them a few blank pieces of paper and go to town!

Science Kit: This is a great age for kids to start exploring and problem solving, there are so many fun science kits out there that help foster independent thinking/problem solving, work on following multiple step directions and can be a great tool for a group of kiddos to work together.

Tenzi:This is a super simple dice game but there are so many ways to play (it comes with 77) and is a great game for visual processing skills, fine motor skills and executive functioning.

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