Play and development is critical at this age, so here are some of our favorite toys to help kiddos blossom.

It is important at this age (and throughout childhood) to keep technology to a minimum. We prefer toys that encourage kids to learn by using their own thoughts, experiments, and experiences. And in a world of instant reward, we value patience, so you won’t see blinking lights or long continuous sounds in our favorites! Bonus for your family, too!

Shake, Rattle and Roll

Toys for this age should have a focus on cause and effect. Baby shakes hand, toy rattles. Baby propels ball, it rolls away. And because we’re all about floor play, we love this tech-free stimulating activity mat for early play days.

Developing Grasp

These awesome teethers, rattles and balls help infants develop grasp patterns. They’re also totally safe to put in the mouth, and easy to get a handle on, so we can limit frustrations!


Puzzles come in SO many different varieties for all ages. They’re a fundamental activity to begin developing fine motor control and visual perception skills. Basic inlay puzzles are great for this age. Harder puzzles without the picture in the background are even harder! These magnetic puzzles are one of our favorites!

Pretend Play

As kids get closer to three, their imaginations are beginning to soar. Help encourage this with some great pretend cookie decorating, and develop some fine motor strength by cutting some wooden food!

There are so many great tech-free toys out there. Have fun browsing our go-to toys. If you shop using our links, you’ll help by automatically giving us a small return 🙂

What are your favorites?

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